Animated smartphone filmmaking?

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You heard it right.

And you might wonder - what is it exactly and is that really possible? 

When the official films selected for TSFF2014 were all screened, curious audience was busy asking our festival staff a lot of questions about the films. Of all, many of them questioned how possibly one could have made an animated film using a smartphone.

Perpetoom, the official selection of TSFF2014, is an animated short film that was made only using a smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S and Android Gingerbread. One year after TSFF2014, we bring back the director of Perpetoom, José Márquez, to listen to his story of animated smartphone filmmaking.

TSFF: Hi, José. It’s nice to reconnect with you today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for our blog readers? 

JM: Hi, my name is José Márquez, I´m an independient artist, illustrator and animator from Venezuela 

TSFF: What made you want to participate in TSFF in the past year with your animated film and how was the experience? 

JM: My film Perpetoom was born in a 2D animation workshop when I was practicing script with some of friends. I just could not leave it on paper so I decided to make it into a movie using a smartphone.

Creating animated short films using only a smartphone has been a really fun challenge. I enjoy getting over all the obstacles to achieve the goal and starting over again looking for something bigger. I do not really film with a smartphone camera but I actually did all drawings and animation on smartphone, using apps for it. Creating and designing the workflow for making Smartphone animated movies was my favorite part. Drawing and animating on a small screen of my Samsung Galaxy S, using nothing but the finger, was the hardest part.

I’ve already made two short films Buen Día - Good Morning (2012) and Perpetoom (2014).  I directed, produced, and did illustration, animation, and editing. I also worked on the music, sound FX and script with close friends and family.

TSFF: What have you been doing since then? 

JM: I have been working on the script for a new animated film, I designed a workshop on animation with smartphones and have been in contact with other smartphone filmmaker and musician for future projects. 

TSFF:  Will you continue to make films? Why?

JM:Of course, as soon as I get a newer device I will go back to smartphone illustration and animation. Right now, my next smartphone animated short film script is done. 

TSFF: Do you have anything else that you would like to share with our audience members?

JM:I just want to thanks to all TSFF team for your amazing work and support to all new fillmmakers.TSFF is an important platform that promotes new filmmakers and their films. Best wishes for you from Venezuela. A big hug!

Still curious about the process behind making an animated film on a smartphone? Check out José Márquez’s blog http://animandroidproject.blogspot.com to explore animated smartphone filmmaking and his Animandroid Project!


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