Smartphone Filmmaking 101

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Smartphone Filmmaking 101

By Hanee Park

We all have stories to tell. When we want to tell that story in writing, we write. When we want to tell the story in speech, we speak. When we want to tell the story visually in moving images, however, we are easily discouraged – too often because we do not have experiences and/or the right equipment and gears.

Worry no more for you already have your camera in your pocket! Learn how to create a short film using your smartphones and tablets!

For those who are new to smartphone filmmaking, I’ve collected some links to very useful articles so any one can easily take his/her first step into smartphone filmmaking a glance. If you find these linked articles useful, follow the writers and filmmakers for up-to-date information!

Why smartphone for filmmaking?

Joel Willans nicely sums up why smartphones are brilliant for short-filmmaking (by Joel Willans February 15, 2013).


Does smartphone filmmaking actually work?

Yes! For Sure! Smartphone films are no longer treated as home-made videos sent to America’s Funniest Videos. Many people have been already doing smartphone-filmmaking and have proved that films shot on smartphones do look great! In fact, today’s smartphones shoot 4K videos, do time-lapse, and offer selected focus functions. Here’s a list of some great examples, just to name a few:

Assuming that you are now all convinced that smartphone films are cool that you just want to jump right into the journey of making one of your own, the question now comes to “Where Do I Start From?” A CNET Magazine interview with a filmmaker, story-teller, producer, and director Jason van Genderen walks through briefly what it is like to make a film using a smartphone and some useful gadgets that will instantly give your smartphone a more professional filmmaking functions.

If you want to learn more about smartphones accessories and gadgets for filmmaking, a short googling will get you all the information you need. I’ve collected some links for you to start with.


Filmmaking accessories for smartphones:

While you could use professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, you could always do some simple editing on the go using video editing apps.


Editing Apps:

I hope this post helped you all with better understanding smartphone filmmaking and what to consider for your film project. And if it did, now it’s your turn. Go and get started! 

If you have more interesting idea or suggestions, please share with us and we will add them in this post.


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