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(TORONTO – December 5, 2017) The Toronto Smartphone Film Festival (TSFF) has announced its first fundraiser in preparation of its next festival in 2018. The 7th Annual TSFF is scheduled to take place in June 2018 at Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto. The festival is looking to raise $2,500 to help TSFF continue as a 3-day festival and promote their various partners before, during and after the festival.

Mingu Kim, the Executive Director of TSFF, shared his excitement on presenting the 7th Annual Festival. "The funds we're raising will help us continue being a 3-day festival and properly promote our filmmakers, donors and sponsors throughout the festival. As we are still a growing festival, the more support we receive from the community, the better it is for filmmakers as it will encourage them."

Through the fundraiser, TSFF hopes to increase awareness of the festival and expand people's understanding of what can be accomplished with smartphones. One of the TSFF's initiatives for next year's festival is called "Who's Smarter?" - challenge held during the first two days of the festival where anyone can sign up to make a short film and have it screened on the final day of the festival upon selection.

Donation levels vary from $1 to $500, and they are explained in detail on the fundraiser website:

For more information, visit or contact or (416) 840-7015.

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer (Ye Won) Kim, TSFF Publicity


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