• Mingu Kim
    Mingu Kim
    Executive Director

    Mingu is the founder of TSFF, an independent filmmaker and a TV broadcaster. He is excited to launch another year of TSFF, celebrating its 5th year anniversary. Mingu is dedicated in providing all filmmakers, first-time to experienced, an option to create films in more communicable ways than the norm. He is continuously fascinated by all the creativity and hardwork filmmakers provide using their smartphones.  

  • Daniel Horowitz
    Daniel Horowitz

    Ever since Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York, Daniel Horowitz has been chasing influential and quality cinema in film production and festival programming. Fast forward to his undergraduate studies, Daniel completed a triple major in Cinema, English and Ethics, Society and Laws at the University of Toronto, where he also studied Festival Programming and Curation under the instruction of TIFF's Artistic Director, Cameron Bailey. Complementing his theoretical studies with technical and structural knowledge, Daniel pursued post-graduate study of Television Writing and Producing at Humber College. He is the recipient of TIFF's Sid Adilman Mentorship Programme for emerging arts journalists and has contributed to publications including Screen International, Panoram Italia Magazine, and the Canadian Jewish News. When he's not busy programming the festival, Daniel works as an assistant director in the local film industry. He is thrilled to be joining the incredible team at the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival.

  • Andrew Heard
    Andrew Heard
    Marketing Coordinator

    Andrew is a digital media marketing student with 7 years of social media experience as well as film and television work. He believes in the power of technologies like smartphones to democratize the film process and help emerging filmmakers explore new opportunities.

  • Satomi Watanabe
    Satomi Watanabe
    Graphic Designer

    Satomi worked for Sunphonix Inc., as an Avid products dealer in Japan. She supported sound editors and recording engineers as a Pro Tools specialist at major recording studios and broadcasting stations. From 2011, she became an on-site Pro Tools support staff member at NHK, Japan. She is currently in the Broadcasting - Television program in Seneca College and making short films and interview clips. She recently joined Toronto Smartphone Film Festival as a graphic designer and is keen on creating logos and design with the wonderful team.

  • Stephanie Cheung
    Stephanie Cheung
    Marketing Assistant

    When it comes to all things film and entertainment related, Stephanie loves to be at the forefront tweeting and sharing her discoveries with the public. She is a Social Media Marketing student and has been fervently volunteering for different film festivals over the last 3 years. She is always actively seeking for new opportunities to learn and grow, and is very excited to be working with the Toronto Smartphone Film Festival team as their Marketing Assistant.

  • Jennifer (Ye Won) Kim
    Jennifer (Ye Won) Kim
    Public Relations Coordinator

    Jen is excited to be part of TSFF family for 3 years in a row onw. As a Host/MC, Jen has engaged with thousands of audience members around the world. Jen's previous experience include working with different film and cultural festivals as well as sports organizations like FIFA, ISU and Skate Canada. Jen loves communicating with people on stage, and she believes films are able to do that across different cultures on screens.

  • Susan Lee-Pierce
    Susan Lee-Pierce
    Operations Manager / HR

    Susan has been with TSFF since its inaugural year in 2012. Although her studies were in music and education, she couldn't hold herself back from exploring her other passions, organizing and managing events and festivals. Susan loves meeting new people, exploring new ideas and never hesitates to get involved. Through TSFF, she hopes to meet people alike in building a creative and innovative community! 

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